Level 1

This picture shows an idea of the different levels one might use in juggling.

  • The basic idea is to start by the box-area marked „1“ which represents the center of your body. It is located somewhere between the solarplexus and your cute little belly-button.
  • „2“ indicates your head, „5“ the space above your head.
  • „3“ and „4“ is your left and right side of the body. „6“ your upper legs and knees, „7“ your feet and so forth.

The different possibilities become clear by thinking of ways to either change the position of your hands to another quadrant or especially concentrate on a quadrant you have neglected until today.

For example you could try juggling on the far left front of the stomach-level („10“) and move to the right side above the head („5“) via „9“, „1“ and „2“.

As shown in Ways, in addition to that you also have different „Ways“ within the boxes to move from one edge to the other.

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