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All the latest juggling news. Truly essential for a successful living plan and indispensable in every sophisticated small talk conversations. Trends events records gossip and wild guesses. Keep informed about marriages – orders – announces, sales parties, chocolate drops – broken props and the more and more and stimulus satiation.

juggling news

July 18, 2006:Trickgepruegel 2 The new Juggling Video of Paul Lind alias Paul Schnitzel out now! Trickgepruegel

July 9, 2006:EJC 2006 – the Euopean Juggling Convention this year takes place in Ireland and I can´t go. If someone would like to send in some photos to be shown here, please do so.

June 7, 2006:Incredible Stunt Watch an incredible stunt which I found at myspace.. external link

May 7, 2006: Someone released a juggling animator:

May 3, 2006: Added an incredible new Juggling Video submitted voluntarily by Johannes. ThanX a lot.

May 1,2006: Stefan Sing Video
An Outrageous 3ball juggling performance by Stefan Sing at the Svendborg Renegade Show while Thomas Dietz was juggling 5 Balls for an hour or so in the background. Found at

Audition 25-26 march 2006
Cirkus Cirkör is looking for artist for the following productions:… 

01.02.2006 Loft Show
The performance of “ The Seven Fingers“ show with Jay Gilligan and Mathias Salmenaho in the Chamaelon Variete in Berlin will be extended until 25th March, 2006. Moreover two of the Gandinis will be in the new Show „Mozart on the Trapeze“ until 22th April, 2006 in the Wintergarten Variete That´s two shows worth watching I guess.

danger poi
Poi Warner

out now

29.01.2006 Hurt!
As a tribute to Johnny Cash today after watching the film: „Walk the Line“ some of my clubs suddenly found themselves thrown against walls – with me wishing to be the wall.

14.01.2006 Haifish Juggling Record
Malaysia: A man attempted to break the underwater juggling record but was disrupted by a shark who claimed his favourite resting spot.
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03.02.06I willll stay at the Katakomben in Berlin, a training space for Jugglers, to work on a new juggling routine during February. So no updates during this time. And maybe I will visit my old Circus School „Die Etage„.
25.01.06Virtual Juggling playground for jugglers
10.01.06Die Advanced-Juggling Seiten jetzt auch in Deutsch
01.01.06Hello World – Version 2 Beta
31.01.05The new site on how to juggle is finished and will be published in time on January 1st. 2006
29.10.05The video and picture galleries work. Now the tutorials on how to juggle must be written, wich proves to be the most difficult part, because learning to juggle is not easy – I almost forgot.
14.10.05After having some trouble with the templates and menus now the real work begins in my office space. Billions of photos and videos must be added titled described and made functional.
25.09.05The stylesheet is done and a rudimentary Design is fixed. The skeleton of the new page learns to walk.
17.09.05I am working on a complete relaunch of this page – will be published on 01.01.2006 – so be patient and make sure to visit again – great things r up to come – Promise!
01.09.05Are you able to juggle 864 ? send me a video please!
22.08.05Back from the EJC in Ptuj – take a shower – wash my feet – and then I will upload some photos of THE-most-MUDDY-Convention ever! Watch them here.
31.07.05Installed Jugglinglab to watch animated juggling tricks
17.07.05I decided in favour of the European Juggling Convention in Ptuj. So meet you there!
14.07.05New Poi T-Shirts available at the Jugglers-Shop ! Yippiejayeeei!
10.07.05lazy sunday afternoon
09.07.05added a juggling-shop to that offers cool clothes and other interesting professional juggling equipment for advanced jugglers.
02.07.05Still working on the siteswap-table, added a few new tricks such as 726 and 825
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