Statement: Even after fifteen years i´m fascinated by the infinite possibilities that you can discover in juggling. Combined with movement it provides an endless space for creativity.

Juggling patterns are connected to rhythm. Discovering new variations through improvisation is like creating a piece of music.

My aim is to focus on the art of experimental juggling. To work against common prejudices based on show-off morality and try to establish juggling as a fine art.

For many years now I have been confronted with all kinds of annoying questions when I told people that I am a professional juggler.

Oh gosh how I love the Circus

Can you Juggle with apples?

Can you also do fire?

Do something funny – right now!

My usual reply is: I am not a clown. If I were a dentist would you expect me to do a live operation here on the party?

The beauty I see in juggling patterns is far beyond what most people believe to be an interesting trick. If I do 531 why should it be the most interesting thing to do it with one more object? Like children always asking you to add another ball. When you are able to juggle 7 rocksolid and you are absolutely happy with that they will at the instant demand 8 to see you fail.

This website statement is for all the others 🙂


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