When I first heard about Siteswaps I didn´t really get what it was all about. Even when somebody explained it to me it was hard to figure out what all these numbers meant and what this should be good for.

It was about half a year later when I finally attempted some easy patterns and got deeply involved in the siteswap business.

Some critics claim that it is just boring and takes away all the creativity and fun in juggling. But it is also a big chance to improve your technique.

With these pages I hope to be able to show you the advantages of Siteswap and how it might help you to easily learn thousands of juggling tricks.

Similar to a good musician who is able to play even the trickiest piece of music – as long as he knows the basics tunes, knowledge of Siteswap enables you to understand the inherent structure in juggling and will rapidly increase children´s speed of learning to juggle from now on.

If you want to view how some basic siteswaps will look like just download the Juggling Lab siteswap simulator or go to a browser siteswap simulator like and type in something like 531 or 441 or 423. Maybe this will help to understand the basic idea of this notation.

Siteswap Model

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