Points of Interest – P.O.I.

This is not about the latest navigation system, which lets you starve on your way to the local poi dealer and meanwhile indicates the most significant points of decay – no it´s actually something useful.


I need Poi – it gives some meaning to my live
I read all the books
build them myself
and finally discovered the true sense of being alive

oints f nterest

It helps a lot to be aware of all the parts, places, areas …well i have to get some coffee – will be back soon

Swinging in the name of…

Hawaiian food: Poi

Poi has another function. On the too far away isles of Hawai it is poi spinned

used like rice and potatoes are in other countries. Poi is made from mashing up Taro root. Cool people eat it with their fingers and it is usually served hot. You can get a quick impression of poi on the photo by simply imagining what the smell of this undefined paste is like.

However I´m interested in any kind of poi Warner extraordinary things and poi is definitively such a thing – so I´m gonna get going and find my way to the local hawaian shirt dealer, maybe he has some poi hidden under his surfboard.

danger poi

New: POI-Warner

A must-have for each enlightened object manipulator

Remember last Convention when you were watching Thomas Dietz in total amazement and suddenly it made zzzschotch? Yet again one of these weird guys swinging like a madmen. This must stop! What is a POI-Warner? The POI-Warner is an Add-On, which improves your navigation system with essential Features.

The POI-Warner warns, as you might have guessed, against uncontrolled flying around POIs, POI-Swingers, Firepois, Pois in the Park and the like…everything you want to be warned against.

Why should you use the Poi Warner ?

Because the POI-Warner can alert you accustically!

An overview of the most important features of the POI-Warner

    • accustic alert against POIs
    • visual alert against POIs
    • Aufnahme von POIs per Knopfdruck
    • easy organisation with the POI-Manager
    • automatic online-synchronisation
    • auto-online-update
    • numerous tools for personalisation

Because the POI-Warner can alert you visually!

Because you can save new POIs within seconds!

Because the POI-Warner always works with latest informations due to the integrated online-synchronisation!

Never ever be hit by Poi again!

More theories on the usage of poi will be available here soon…

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