Learn how to Juggle

Learn how to Juggle: Welcome to Advanced-Juggling.com. With this page we try to provide some knowledge about the art of juggling – beyond the three ball cascade. With reference to the growing popularity of juggling and with many people all over the world who choose juggling as their hobby we started working on this theoretical approach towards juggling.

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Of course there are some juggling videos and convention pictures, a siteswap simulator some games for jugglers and somtething else that I forgot. We hope you will find some useful information on juggling related topics and spend some fun time on our website.

learn to juggle
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Learn to Juggle

Our aim is to focus on the art of experimental juggling, to work against common prejudices based on show-off morality and to help establishing juggling as a fine art.

„Even after fifteen years of intense madness I am fascinated by the infinite possibilities that you can discover in juggling. Combined with movement and rhythm it provides an endless space for creativity.“

Learn how to Juggle

Juggling has fascinated and entertained people for a period of 2000 years since it was first recorded as a drawing of ancient egypt woman who juggled 5 to 6 stones in a what we call today shower-pattern. In medieval times the travelling people and other lousy creatures used juggling to gather there crowds. They earned a living with it. In the 1920 there was a sincere boost of the art of juggling. When Enrico Rastelli and following him Francis Brunn finally took advantage of the glorious times of variety and vaudeville boom.

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In some way it was preserved in the traditional circus families and roundabout a half century later we seem to encounter a serious increase in people who choose juggling as there favourite hobby.

So have fun and enjoy juggling!

Advanced Juggling is constantly growing: Workshops on diabolo and poi spinning will follow soon!

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