A List of Juggling Dates

Juggling Conventions, Shows, Happenings and Events and of course some festivals taking place throughout Europe this year.

October 20th-22th 531 Festival of New Juggling, Helsinki
Organised by Maksim Komaro and Wille Wallo. It´s not only a Juggling Convention. It´s much more than this. Lectures, Discussions, Work in Progress and lots of brilliant Shows. read more
June 17th, 2006 World Juggling Day Something I have never understood, must be like Christmas or chanukka.
August 6th-28th , 2006 Fringe Festival , Edinborough One of the biggest festivals for street performers, buskers and of course for interested visitors. The Edinborough fringe Festival lasts two weeks and is always worth a long travel. Go to the Festival Website to get all the information on this big event.
Summer, 2006? Subörb Festival, Stockholm: A great experimental festival hosted by Cirkus Cirkör. It takes place in the wonderful village „Alby“ in the district of „Bottkyrka“ about 30 minutes from Stockholm
August 4th-6th , 2006 Gauklerfestival, Koblenz – Germany: Ein Strassentheater Festival, dass seit jahren in Koblenz veranstaltet wird. Es gibt nette Shows und gute Künstler verteilt auf mehreren Bühnen in der Altstadt von Koblenz read more
Sep 04th – 07th.06 , 2006 Workshop with Viktor Kee in the Katakomben, Berlin
„Aesthetics and Juggling“
Nov 2nd-5th, 2006 European Youth Circus, Wiesbaden – Germany

european youth circus

Around 80 young artistes (up to 25 years of age) from all over Europe meet in Wiesbaden to take part in a the festival. They present their skills to the audience in a competition. However, it is not only artistes who meet at the European Youth Circus but also a considerable number of circus and variety directors as well as agencies come together in Wiesbaden searching for new talents for their companies and shows.

Please note: the closing date for applications is July 31st, 2006!