You probably heard some jugglers talking to each other in a strange language consisting only of numbers. Here you will find an easy explanation of the juggling notation system‘, ‚

discipline Site-Swap Notation basically describes the height of each single throw – or to be precise the number of beats until the ball is being catched again.

Right and left hand throw alternately – 423 for example means right hand 4 left hand 2 right hand 3 ….

In order to find out the number of Balls – you sum up the values (4+2+3=9) and divide it by the number of letters (3).
9/3=3 so it´s a 3Ball Pattern.
64203 is a 3Ball Pattern as well (15/5=3)


Siteswap diagram

7 / 7 Balls height
6 | 6 Balls height
5 / 5 Balls height
4 | 4 Balls height
3 / 3 Balls height
2 | A pause or a very low throw
1 _ give to other hand
even numbers – straight
odd numbers – cross
0 empty hand

Synchronous throws are written down like this:

(right hand,left hand)(right hand,left hand)

Note: there are no odd numbers in synchronous siteswaps – because of some algebraic reasons, so all crossing throws are marked with an x

Multiplex throws are written in brackets: 24[54] example

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  • Read what wikipedia says about juggling notation
  • Learn more about advanced siteswaps
  • Visit the Juggling Lab and watch the siteswap simulator

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