Increase the size of your brain

Juggling might enhance your brainpower: According to a new neurological study which was published in Febraury 2004 learning to juggle may cause certain areas of your brain to grow. It has been proven by German researchers that learning to juggle may have brain an effect on the structure of the brain.

24 participants were divided into two groups. One group learned to juggle over a distance of three months. The others did not.

Before and after the learning of the skill the volunteers have been checked using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in order to find out changes in gray matter.
Those participants who did not learn juggling did not show any changes in their brain scans but the other group showed an increase in those areas of the brain involved in visual and motor activity.

„The growth of cells could be due to locally new cells, stem cells invading from somewhere else or local connections between cell, . but we simply do not know.“
( assistant professor of neurology, University of Regensburg Dr. Arne May)

chess However the increase in brain size does not last. After a period of no practice, the group that learned to juggle lost their gained brain power and the enhanced brain regions decreased in size.

„The brain is like a muscle, we need to exercise it,“ says Dr. Arne May the head researcher of the project.


Okay, that´s good News

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