How to juggle 3 Balls you ask? Here is an easy answer to that question.

A tutorial on how to juggle 3 Balls

~ in 3 easy steps

Step1: Take one ball and throw it from one hand to the other and vice versa.

The height will be somewhat in front of your eyes. Not higher not lower. lying eight

Throw in front of your cute little belly-button and catch a little outside of your body – by this you will achieve a figure that reminds of a lying 8

Keep your ellbows beneath your body, use only your under arm to throw the ball

Wait until the ball falls back into your hand, do not reach up for the ball – take your time.

Step2: Take another ball. Throw the ball in the right hand into the air like you have done recently – remember? No more being nervous – no more hesitation. Right here, right now. When the first ball reaches its highest point throw the 3 balls second ball out of the left hand.

Throw below the first ball

Wait for the first ball to reach the highest point. Do not throw simultanously

Remember the Belly-Button thing and the rest from Step1

Step3: Take another Ball into your right hand. So you have 2 Balls in the right hand and 1 Ballin your left hand. If you are lefthanded and wish to „swap-sides“ – feel free to do so. Start with the first ball from the right hand. Then throw from left hand.

Tips and Tricks:

If it is working with the right hand – start with two balls in the left hand and one in the right.

When the balls always seem to escape towards the front – try juggling in front of a wall, so you can´t move forward.

„Breath“ „Relax“ and:

yes you are right – then comes the third ball from the right hand. Take care of the timing do not throw too fast. Always one step after the other similar to walking ya know.

  • It helps to slowly count the number of your throws.
  • I would recommend to catch the 3 balls and if you are secure with this – move on to throwing 4 times – 5 times and so forth.
  • Proceed step by step and be precise about your goals. e.g. when you have done 10 throws – take a break and give your brain some time to effectively understand.
  • and finally remember: „Juggling is Fun“