Easy siteswaps
Easy siteswaps

Easy Basic

Note that you are already able to juggle a lot of siteswaps but you don´t know it is siteswaps.

These are some siteswaps to start with. If you have some experiences in 3 Ball Juggling you should have no trouble to try them.


Start with the cascade (333) concentrate on one special ball – maybe a different colour is a good idea.

„Then suddenly another minute past“ – and still nothing happened. When you start to get bored imagine how nice it would be to do something different.

Instead of continuing until someone needs to cry – do take control and decide to break out of the ordinary. NO FEAR anymore, no more being devote. Take the first step towards a glorious future where you will be a free non-determined bundle of neurons, reacting only to triggering events you have chosen yourself. Follow your intuition. There must be something else. You know it !

And yes there it is. Lingering on the horizon, hidden behind hills, piled up by your social equals – however visible since the dawn of time lies the paradies-like prophecy of freedom and you only need to wake up and cry. Take what is yours and what has been called forbidden by those who claim it for there personal purpose only. It´s your turn – move!






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