Juggler - Not a Clown

I love you all

I´m not a Clown
I´m not eating fire
I´m not juggling with fruits
I´m not always happy
I don´t love Circus
I don´t present you a perfect world
(cause it doesn´t exist)
I don´t want „no home“
I´m not an entertainer
I´m not proud
I wasn´t fascinated as a child
I´m tired
I´m old
I´m not interested in seven clubs
I´m the best
I don´t care
I just do
I don´t choose a character
I am
a juggler

©h.e.b 2005


„I can juggle 7 balls in every until now existing pattern or variation in the world, nonetheless I can´t buy food or pay my rent. I don´t even allow myself the thought of marriage children or a home that belongs to me. So I surrender. Only in rare cases will I go on stage and only when I want to and the audience is worth it.

Today is Feb.18.2004 I´m leaving stockholm in 3 weeks. I look like a beggar. I have no friends and no home where I could go to. I have no clue what I´m gonna do but nontheless I´m happy and to me it seems like I´m the only person in cityterminalen that is „free to smile“