Dear Parents,

Are you looking for a new hobby for your kids? Maybe you think that it would be a good 3balls idea to teach your children to juggle, which will make them more competent, self esteemed, happier and even more beautiful than all the oher children.

Some of them will even smell better and never start to complain. Juggling highly improves soial skills, sharpens your senses and reflexes and sometimes lets you meet interesting friends. Juggling has even been proven to increase your brain size.

So if you want to buy your kids some juggling balls – that´s most definitively a great Idea !

But keep the following in mind:

@ Dad:
@ Mom:
If you buy a car
would you miss the following?
If you buy a boat
would you miss the following?
  • brakes
  • tires
  • wheels
  • sail
  • compass
  • the ocean

please don´t
give these balls
to your children


These balls may cause some harm to the body. Even relatively light juggling may cause mind damage

Not as a birthday present or for christmas or chanukka, easter holidays or simply to be quiet.

They are useless toys and nothing more. The colours simply take away the light of your eyes and contradict every natural aestethical sensation of human beings hitherto examined under the laws of good will and hunting! Some jugglers have even been reported to get serious nightmares and feel ashamed in their wedding nights. Yes that´s true.

Beware of coloured beanbags they talent simply do not help your children to improve their skills. They cause frustration because they are not round and not made to have fun with them. No famous juggler would ever use those balls.

Make it easier for your child to learn how to juggle – spend a little more money on real balls which you can buy in every reliable juggling store.

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